Make HR a priority in 2021…the future of your business may depend on it!

January 10, 2021

Time-poor small businesses struggling with burden of HR administration are leaving themselves at risk.

Some companies think it’s okay to overlook HR. Especially in small and mid-sized businesses.

This can be dangerous—just ask the former CEO of Uber. Without proper HR, things can go wrong enough to seriously disrupt your business.

Small businesses rely on their management teams to establish workplace norms, oversee hiring and promotions, and ensure ethical behaviour. But if management struggles with this role and there is no HR to step in, the entire company can suffer.

With sites like Glassdoor allowing employees to leave anonymous reviews of their employers, your company can’t sweep its HR issues under the rug. Be sure to:

· Bring in outside experts to handle detailed issues.

· Know the law. Workplace legislation changes often.

· Train your managers in managing people.

Counterintuitively, HR can have a greater impact on small and mid-sized businesses as costly HR mistakes often have a comparatively bigger impact on smaller companies.

If someone is managing HR off the side of their desk, make sure to give HR the time and resources it deserves. The success of your company may very well ride on it.

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