Absence and Performance Management

Absence Management

Here at The HR Team, we can provide support and advice to help you proactively manage any long and short term absenteeism. It is important for you as an employer to remain supportive of your employees, especially if there is an underlying reason for their absence. Return to work plans can be devised, agreed, implemented and reviewed. We will enable you to take control of your absence management in an appropriate and cost effective manner.

Performance Management

When an employee joins your business it is essential during the first few months to monitor their progress, provide feedback and training to ensure your investment in them proves worthwhile. The same principle should also apply to your existing employees so that they have an opportunity to discuss their roles, aspirations, training needs and any areas where they need to improve or develop new skills. The easiest way to hold these discussions is through regular performance appraisals.

We can work with you to develop a performance appraisal process that meets the needs of your business. This can include developing the process and documentation, training managers in the process and even being part of the meetings if you prefer.