Contracts and Handbooks

Contracts of Employment

As of April 2020, it is now a legal requirement to provide all employees with a written statement of terms and conditions from day one of them starting employment. This is also the opportunity to set out how you want individuals to work within your company and what they will receive from you in return. Here at The HR Team, we can draft new contracts, or review and update existing documentation you already have in place. We will ensure you have the right contracts for all your employees, whilst meeting all the legal requirements including pay and benefits.

Staff Handbook

A handbook helps new staff learn the correct way to do things and also reminds existing employees of the rules. As your business grows and your employee numbers increase, it becomes more important to have a staff handbook, which contains all the essential policies your business needs; including grievance, disciplinary, absence, holiday, flexible working, maternity, paternity, equal opportunities and health & safety. We write handbooks in simple terms, which will reflect the individual style and culture of your business.