Employee Benefits

August 13, 2020

How to drive employee engagement with excellent benefits

To recruit and retain the best talent, as a small business, you must offer competitive compensation packages that help you to stand out from competitors. A robust benefits package reduces turnover and is less costly than recruiting and training new employees. The type of benefits that might appeal to your employees could include health and wellness discounts/vouchers, private health insurance, additional paid leave, paid time off to participate in charity events or voluntary work.

What benefits do you currently offer?

What type of benefits do you think your employees would appreciate the most?

There are still misconceptions about the real cost of employee benefits to organisations which might be holding you back from considering reviewing your benefit options.

If your employee benefits programme doesn’t appear to be delivering, it’s perhaps time for a rethink. Finding new and innovative benefit options can be a very worthwhile process, can yield very real results in terms of engagement and retention, and doesn’t have to be complicated for procurement and payroll teams, provided you choose the right offerings.

Here at The HR Team, we you can help you meet the requirements of your employees, while also maximising productivity, with the implementation of simple and effective benefits. By offering the right benefits package can make a substantial difference to employees. Benefits can have a lasting impact on employee wellbeing and provide real results in employee motivation, productivity and retention.

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