10 Top Tips for combining home schooling with working from home

January 10, 2021

1. Start the day on the right foot: getting up and be ready to start around the usual time.

2. Break your schedule into manageable chunks: work out when your child works best, and plan your more focused work periods then.

3. Work out your workspace: if shared spaces get a little messy, have a five-minute break to put your things back in order.

4. Set your priorities: having a to-do list of tasks that you can strike off as they are completed will show you that you ARE getting things done.

5. Set yourself up for phone calls: they can cause the most stress but, be realistic! We are all generally sympathetic to distractions.

6. Support your child’s learning: you could encourage them to use the internet, or ask them to write their questions down for when you have a break.

7. Plan stress-free meals: make packed lunches the evening before. Better still, teach your child to make their own lunch (and yours!).

8. Try to be flexible: if necessary, talk to your employer about changing
your hours slightly.

9. Be kind to yourself: don’t beat yourself up if your child isn’t getting through all their schoolwork.

10. Try to take time out to spend time with your child, shift your focus away from work and just breathe!

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